Application form

Application form

Application form

Please follow these steps in order to fill in your application:

1. Copy the questions below into a word document. (If you think that computers are evil and tricky to understand, contact us at and we will send you the registration form as a word document.)

2. Fill in the form, select the option that suits you where there are multiple choices (replace the “O” to “X” for your choices) and write a longer reply for the essay questions. Make sure that you really answer all the questions.

3. Send the completed Word document as an attachment or copy it directly into an email and send it to:

4. We will contact you within two weeks with further information of the course and an invoice of 10% of the full course fee.

Ok, let’s get started!

Practical information about you:
1. First Name:
2. Surname:
3. Address:
4. Postcode:
5. City:
6. Country:
7. Email:
8. Home phone (with country code):
9. Mobile phone (with country code)::
10. Date of birth:

11. Which 200-hour training are you applying for?

O 1-year course in Stockholm 2016
O Half-year-course in Malmö 2016
O Summer Intensive in Sweden/Spain 2016

About your yoga:

12. What form of yoga are you most familiar with?

13. How many years have you had a continuous yoga practice (at least 3 times a week)?
O Less than 1 year
O Approximately 1-2 years
O About 3 years or more

14. How many times per week do you practice (at home or at a studio)?
O 1-2 times / week
O 3-4 times / week
O 5 or more times / week

15. List courses, training courses and workshops in which you participated. Write when, where, what form of yoga: (If you can’t remember all of them, list at least a few.) :-)

16. What other sorts of education do you have?

17. Do you already teach yoga?
O Yes
O No

18. If you teach: how long have you been teaching yoga?

19. If you teach: how many classes per week do you teach?
O 1-2 times / week
O 3-4 times / week
O 5 or more times / week

20. Do you have any injuries or medical symptoms (physical or mental) that we should know, and that may affect you during training?

21. Do you want to simultaneously enroll in any of the proposed postgraduate courses and receive 15% off? (The course fee will be on the final invoice and the conditions are the same as in the undergraduate program.) If so, what / who?

22. I have read the terms and conditions?
O Yes
O No

Essay Questions

Take time to reflect on the essay questions.

23. Tell us what yoga means to you:

24. Why would you want to go this yoga teacher training?

Thank you for your application!
We’ll contact you soon!
Warm Regards
The Nordic Yoga Institute

For terms and conditions, click here.


Oktober 2016
27 – 30 okt: Påbyggnadsutbildning: Virya Aware i Oslo

November 2016
4 –  6 nov: YoDa-festivalen, Stockholm
11 – 13 nov: Virya Rehab som påbyggnadsutbildning startar, Stockholm
18 och 19 nov: Workshop, Höllviken
19 nov: Infostund i Höllviken om våra utbildningar
25 nov: Workshop, Stockholm
25 nov: Infostund i Stockholm om våra utbildningar

Januari 2017
3 – 11 jan: Retreat i Indien: Yoga och Ayurveda
10 – 19 jan: Retreat i Indien: Yoga och ACT
19 – 22 jan: Årsutbildning i Stockholm startar

Februari 2017
9 feb: Yogagalan, Stockholm
10 – 12 feb: Yoga Games, Stockholm
13 – 19 feb: Certifieringsutbildning, Stockholm

Mars 2017
3 – 5 mars: Påbyggnadsutbildning: Mobility & Strength, Stockholm
4 – 5 mars: Kursstart: Yogafördjupning, Stockholm
7 mars: Kursstart: Yoga & ACT, Stockholm

April 2017
28 – 30 april: Påbyggnadsutbildning: Virya PT, Stockholm
29 – 30 april: Workshop i Köpenhamn

Maj 2017
3 maj: Workshop, Skellefteå
18 – 23 maj: Påbyggnadutbildning: Virya och Ayurveda, Spanien

Augusti 2017
22 – 24 aug: Påbyggnadsutbildning: Virya Puls, Stockholm
25 – 26 aug: 10-årsjubileum för Viryayogan! 

September 2017
4 sept: Kursstart: Närvaro, meditation och yoga, Stockholm
7 – 10 sept: Halvårsutbildning i Stockholm startar

Oktober 2017
19 – 22 okt: Årsutbildning i Oslo startar