Yoga Alliance, the Diploma and Certification

Yoga Alliance, the Diploma and Certification

The Nordic Yoga Institute is a Registered Yoga Schools (RYS) with the Yoga Alliance. In order to maintain Yoga Alliance’s criteria, and to maintain a high standard for those who teach Virya Yoga, we have a certification procedure which consists of the steps below.

It is required that you attend at least 90% of the scheduled time in order to become certified. While 200 hours feels like a lot of hours, the course is designed so that everyone can get as much as possible from it; therefore, we will not be able to repeat the things you miss. For the group to be able to work in a creative and focused way, we hope that everyone will do their utmost to be able to participate in all the instruction.

If you become ill during training or miss any part of the instruction, you can join another group when next teacher training begins or go over it with your mentor. Within three years of the start date of your course, you are welcome to join upcoming teacher trainings to repeat what you have missed, or simply, to get to know a new group of yoga teachers!

Overview: Completion and Certification

Step 1: You are undergraduates. Once you have done the examination (see Step 2 below) you will be an Authorized Virya teacher. You will receive a diploma, which you can send to the Yoga Alliance and become a RYT-200 (Registered Yoga Teacher – 200 hours). (For more info and costs, click here.) In order to retain your diploma as a Virya teacher, you must attend workshops, courses, retreats or repeat sections of the level 1 training (equivalent to 40 hours in 2 years).

Step 2: You attend the certification course and learn the third series (the last of Virya Yoga’s three basic levels). You will also learn comprehensive biomechanics with a naprapath and physiotherapist, and immerse yourself in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Tantra texts. After completing this course, you´ll send us a video of you teaching a class, and you´ll get detailed personal feedback. After doing this, you will be Certified Virya Yoga teacher. (Read below what this means)

Step 3: You attend the additional courses  and build up to 500-hour certification, and you’ll be a Senior Certified Virya teacher (read below what this means) and you can register as a RYT-500

Step 1: Authorized Virya Yoga Teacher

1) Two sanskrit tests based on the asanas from level 1 and level 2.
2) A home exam. It will take approx. 10-20 hours to complete.
3) An anatomy exam (3 – 4 hours)

1) During the training, you will be filmed three times, and get feedback on what you can improve as a teacher.

Examination and Approval:
To get Authorized by us, we require:

1) Anatomy: At least 70% correct on the anatomy exam. If you do not pass, you can re-write the exam with another group or make an appointment with one of the staff members   to get a personal exam proctor for an extra fee.

2) Home Exam: During the training, we have a day set aside to discuss the take-home exam. On this day, you will bring a print-out of your exam, or bring a USB stick with the exam on it, to hand in. During this day, you will be asked questions that appear on the exam, and can answer the questions during the discussion, using your exam as an aid, as it is not about memorizing and reciting things by heart. The teacher will go through the exam question by question, and everyone will have a few questions to answer. At the end of the day, if you answered all questions satisfactorily, you will pass. If you have not answered all questions and / or misunderstood questions, you can arrange with the teacher to hand in the missed questions within a week. If, for any reason, you can not attend on this day, you can either, for no extra cost, attend a different group’s discussion, or, for about 500 SEK, submit your exam to and get an individual assessment / evaluation. We require you to send in the take-home exam within three weeks of the discussion day. Please note that during intense trainings (shorter than 5 or 6 months), the home exams are not being discussed during the training itself. You’ll send us the exam AFTER the training and you´ll get an individual evaluation.

3) Filming: If the assessors are satisfied with your teaching at the examination filming, you will be authorized immediately. If they reckon you need to improve something, they will ask you to submit a video within three weeks (at no extra cost) on a particular module, where you focus on what is requested (e.g. more information on biomechanics or a philosophical theme) . Attendance is mandatory for everyone during the two days of examination filming! If for some reason can not attend the filming, you can either, for no extra cost, attend a different group’s examination filming or, for an extra cost, send us a video of yourself teaching a Virya Yoga class (level 1, 2 or 1 & 2) for at least three people, and get an individual evaluation.

After completion of all these three steps, you’ll a diploma stating that you are an Authorized Virya Yoga teacher.
With this diploma you can register as a  RYT-200 with the Yoga Alliance. (NOTE: There is an added cost register with the Yoga Alliance.)

You will most likely be able to receive your diploma after the final day, but there are occasional bumps on life’s path, so if you need to re-do any parts of your trainings, you will have one year to do so. We will remind you, and give you kind words of support!

Step 2: Certified Virya Yoga Teacher

You attend certification course, where you will learn our Level 3 sequence (from the book Yoga from Within), and more advanced biomechanics. With it, you have now learned Virya Yoga’s three basic series, and have the knowledge to safely teach more than 300 asanas (with modifications included). After the course you’ll send us a video of yourself teaching a class and get an individual review (u can do it “live” as well, for an extra cost). After completion you´ll become certified Virya Yoga teacher. That means you can hold classes, workshops and retreats that your fellow Virya colleagues can attend to include in in his/her log book to update their hours. You’ll get listed on our website as a “Certified Virya Teacher” with links to your business, and you receive a marketing kit from us, consisting of pre-designed materials in pdf-format that can be printed for flyers and/or leaflets. You are also invited to attend the “Teachers Intensive”, where certified Virya teachers get together and get up to date, try the new flows, exchange experiences and enjoy a group dinner.

Step 3: Senior Certified Virya Yoga Teacher

You continue to upgrade with additional courses until you are reach 500 hours. Some of these courses are mandatory and the rest can be chosen accordingly to your interests. After completion, you´ll get a 500 hours you’ll become a sa Senior Certified Virya Yoga teacher, which means you can begin to assist – and, gradually, begin to teach – at the yoga teacher training programs,
You will also be able to register with Yoga Alliance and become an RYT-500.

Updating hours/logbook

We see learning as an ongoing process, and, we, as teachers at NYI, hold sessions where you can learn new things several times a year. Whether you passed stage one, two or three in the training program, we encourage you to stay current. This means that, in order to keep your diploma or certification, you are encouraged to attend workshops, courses, retreats and continuing education programs held by certified Virya Yoga teachers, equivalent to 40 hours over two years. We will work with you if you are unable to afford training, or if other circumstances arise. For example, if you have financial difficulties, you can sit in and take notes during workshops, etc. which will count towards your hours. Read more about this here.

Yoga Alliance

If you wish to register with The Yoga Alliance, you are able to do this directly on their website.
They will ask you to attach a PDF of your diploma – but a picture taken by your phone will do fine too. If you need help, please contact Jennie

Please note the following:

– School: The Nordic Yoga Insitute
– Yoga Style: Virya Yoga
– Date of Registration: Only use their ready-made calendar if your browser is set to English. To avoid any hassle, you can fill the date in directly in the date field, using the following format: MM / DD / YY Example: if it says July 12, 2016 on your diploma, write: 07/12/16
– If your payment is not going through, it may be due to your bank placing a region lock on your credit card (the Yoga Alliance registered in the U.S.). This can easily get solved: just call your bank or login to your bank account and change the settings.


Oktober 2016
27 – 30 okt: Påbyggnadsutbildning: Virya Aware i Oslo

November 2016
4 –  6 nov: YoDa-festivalen, Stockholm
11 – 13 nov: Virya Rehab som påbyggnadsutbildning startar, Stockholm
18 och 19 nov: Workshop, Höllviken
19 nov: Infostund i Höllviken om våra utbildningar
25 nov: Workshop, Stockholm
25 nov: Infostund i Stockholm om våra utbildningar

Januari 2017
3 – 11 jan: Retreat i Indien: Yoga och Ayurveda
10 – 19 jan: Retreat i Indien: Yoga och ACT
19 – 22 jan: Årsutbildning i Stockholm startar

Februari 2017
9 feb: Yogagalan, Stockholm
10 – 12 feb: Yoga Games, Stockholm
13 – 19 feb: Certifieringsutbildning, Stockholm

Mars 2017
3 – 5 mars: Påbyggnadsutbildning: Mobility & Strength, Stockholm
4 – 5 mars: Kursstart: Yogafördjupning, Stockholm
7 mars: Kursstart: Yoga & ACT, Stockholm

April 2017
28 – 30 april: Påbyggnadsutbildning: Virya PT, Stockholm
29 – 30 april: Workshop i Köpenhamn

Maj 2017
3 maj: Workshop, Skellefteå
18 – 23 maj: Påbyggnadutbildning: Virya och Ayurveda, Spanien

Augusti 2017
22 – 24 aug: Påbyggnadsutbildning: Virya Puls, Stockholm
25 – 26 aug: 10-årsjubileum för Viryayogan! 

September 2017
4 sept: Kursstart: Närvaro, meditation och yoga, Stockholm
7 – 10 sept: Halvårsutbildning i Stockholm startar

Oktober 2017
19 – 22 okt: Årsutbildning i Oslo startar