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The Modular System

The main idea with the modules (or sections) is the opportunity to mix and match shorter, dynamic series. We continually return to these ten modules in each and every class (since you can practice yoga in a variety of ways within the same class). The modules are always carried out in the same order:
Warm up
Sun saluts.
Core & arm balances
Hip openers
Back bends
Forward folds

If you wish to focus on a certain theme, for example hip-openers, and want to devote more time to the hip-opening asanas, you can shorten the other modules (from the end) and include the first few asanas from those modules.

In level 1 & 2 you can, depending on the students’ abilities, combine the levels as you wish. In level 3 you should combine certain modules within the same level for proper preparation for your joints and muscles. Each class includes complete and/or partial modules; you decide the combination for your class.

There are several advantages to this system

As a student in a yoga class:

– You will eventually recognize the sequences in the modules
– You will experience variety in each class
– You will strengthen and increase flexibility step-by-step
– You will be offered a total body workout within every class
– You will feel secure knowing that the program progresses gradually, step-by-step

In your personal practice:

– You can custom design your practice depending on your present needs without monotony
– You can work at an advanced level within a certain category while working on the basics within another
– You can experience flow along with variety
– You can immerse yourself within a theme or a module with each session, for example:

o Monday – core strength and arm balances

o Tuesday – Hip-openers

o Thursday – Backbends

o Friday – Forward Folds

As a teacher:

– You can be assured that your class will always be taught safely
– You can literally comprise thousands of different classes!
– You don’t have to worry about your class being too one-sided since you always include asanas from each category
– You can advance in a moderate pace towards more challenging levels by switching one module at a time
– You can focus on a specific theme by introducing a more advanced module
– You can enjoy “freedom with responsibility” and approach yoga with a playful attitude

Each class takes approximately 90 minutes. (There are a couple of flow classes designed to take 60 minutes if you prefer, as in Virya Express, where each module is shorter.)

It may take some time for you to learn the modules by heart, but once you have, you can let go and really enjoy yourself, knowing that you will experience fun, safety, and variety in every Virya yoga class!