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Virya yoga’s series and additional courses

Virya yoga presents about 600 different poses (asanas) in ready-made series, with each series always consisting of 10 modules. Options are shown for every pose so that you never need to go beyond your limitations, thereby avoiding any risk of injury.


The fundamental series

Each of Virya yoga’s three fundamental series include between 65-85 asanas (depending on the level). The different levels complement each other, so that while practicing level one you are in fact already preparing for the poses in level three.

Level one
The asanas in level one are intended to both strengthen and lengthen your muscles. While the poses are not too complicated, you still get a vigorous workout that you will probably notice in your muscles the following day!

Level two
Here we build upon the foundation formed in the first level. In level two we explore a number of stimulating arm balances, backbends, and deeper forward folds.

Level three
In level three even the more experienced yogi is given something to sink his or her teeth into! We go deeper into the poses, challenging body and mind, without ever losing our sense of playfulness.


Specific series

In Virya yoga there are also a number of series created to suit specific needs. Whether you’re a student or a teacher, you can combine different modules from different series in order to create a unique class depending on your needs.

The ready-made series, based upon the same module system where each asana has an easier alternative, are as follows:

  • Virya Play
  • Virya Rehabilitation
  • Prenatal Virya
  • Virya for kids
  • Virya Express
  • Virya Vinyasa
  • Virya Ayurveda
  • Virya Aware
  • Virya Explore
  • Virya Restorative
  • Virya Grace
  • Virya Free Spirit
  • Virya Mobility & Strength
  • Virya One & One
  • Virya Puls
  • Virya Chakra
  • Business & Yoga

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