Words from Students

“If you are thinking about whether you should attend the Virya yoga teacher training or not, my advice is: “do not think, just do it!” It’s a great training, involving both heart and brain, both body and soul! I can’t imagine there’s a better yoga teacher training or yoga community! “

“An education that encourages joy and awareness.”

“The Virya yoga teacher training has given me a great base of knowledge to lean on when I work as a yoga teacher. Broad knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics to be able to explain how to keep your body healthy and what to avoid when we do yoga. Diving deeply into yoga history and philosophy also gives a deeper understanding of all that yoga provides. A fantastic training that gives new knowledge and personal development, useful even off the yoga mat. “

“Intense, fun and stimulating – everything is possible!”

“This is the best thing I’ve done for myself in a very long time. Even if you do not intend to work as a yoga teacher, it gives you personal development and incredible amounts of knowledge. A journey into your body and mind!”

“Self improvement!”

“1000 thanks again Josephine and your team for everything that you have given me!”

“A very good education if you want to learn about your body and how to use it to avoid damage. If you are also interested in learning about yoga philosophy and get a broader perspective, this is the training for you. If you want to practice teaching skills but also develop your own yoga practice, you’ll get all that from this training. I highly recommend it.

“Teachers with a fantastic knowledge.”
“I feel safe and inspired to teach!”

“The training has been my life’s best investment in personal development! I have received so much extra: except for joy of living, loads of energy and friends for life I have got superb knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, communications, philosophy and history of yoga, which I can use in everyday life as well as in teaching yoga. We’ve explored both asanas and the mind from all angles, thanks to amazing teachers!”

“A whole new world of yoga opened up for me when I found the Virya yoga and Josephine. I was filled with joy, harmony and love. Yoga should be fun and doesn’t need to be drop dead serious: finally I’ve found the yoga for me!”

“Virya yoga is a fun, thoughtful and safe form of yoga. I feel a great joy in being a Virya yoga teacher. Josephine’s way of communicating the knowledge of yoga with humor and great skill is Virya yoga’s strength. For me, Virya means being curious when exploring your body and his mind in a lovely flow that gives you strength and energy – and to discover the great potential we all have within ourselves. Yoga is fun! “

“It feels like I’ve stepped into a new era: post-yoga teacher training, a time when I’ve become more aware of my body and mind but also about my environment.”

“A yoga teacher training that is both broad and deep, with dedicated, humble and knowledgeable teachers. I feel that I have found my yoga “home” and I really appreciate the open-minded approach to yoga and the emphasis on safety.”

“I have previously taken a different yoga teacher training abroad, but felt that my knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics was not sufficient to give my students a good and safe education. The first Virya class I participated in was enough for me to decide to enter teacher training. Funny, thoughtful and complete yoga. I like the permissive atmosphere that prevails in the Virya community, as well as the wonderful teaching team. I have previously felt a bit rootless in my yoga teacher’s role, in that I did not have any colleagues in Sweden to share experiences with, but now I have become part of a great group of Virya friends, where we are able to support and learn from each other.”