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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for teacher training courses at the Nordic Yoga Institute

Once you have been accepted to the course, you are requried to make a 10 % deposit in order to reserve your place. Please note that by submitting the application you are agreeing to attend the course. Tuition is non-refundable (conditons for cancellation are listed below). It is truly not our intention to seem harsh, but unfortunately we have had applicants secure a place by signing up for a course only to back out in the last minute, thereby taking that place from another, willing applicant, who is not able to join the course on such short notice. This is why certain standards are needed. After all, responsibility is a large part of yoga. We understand that unexpected situations sometimes arise in our lives, and in such cases we will do our best to help in a way that works out for both of us – after all, yoga is also about having a warm and caring heart!


Cancellation prior to the start of the course

In case of illness/injury. Doctor’s confirmation required.
In case of illness and/or injury prior to the course’s start, we must receive written confirmation from your medical doctor in order to process a full refund, excluding the registration fee. You may keep the literature that’s been sent to you.

Other reasons for cancellation
If for any other reason you cannot attend the course your tuition fee will not be refunded, however you may transfer to another course within 36 months following the date of your cancellation.


Cancellation during the course

Due to illness – with doctor’s confirmation
If you, after the start of the course fall ill or are injured so that you aren’t able to continue with the course (written doctor’s confirmation required even here), part of the fee will be refunded. This amount depends on how many sessions you’ve attended. The registration fee, however, is non-refundable.

Other reasons for cancellation
If, for any other reason, you cannot complete the course, your tuition will not be refunded. However, you may keep your place so that you can, within three years, attend another training. (Valid 36 months from date of cancellation.) Together we can discuss whether you should repeat the course from scratch or if you can continue from where you left off. Should the alternative course be more expensive than the previous one, (eg if you paid for a 1-year-training and choose to attend an intensive training instead), you will be required to pay the difference. If the alternative course is cheaper, we’ll refund the difference minus an administration fee (500 SEK). If the literature has changed, you’ll have to pay for the new course literature.


Repeat for free!

If you want to repeat what you’ve learned or wish to fine tune your skills, you are welcome to join lectures and classes of our parallel or later teacher trainings in Sweden or Norway as much as you like, within three years. (Valid three years from the first day of your first training.) Please note that you must book in advance to make sure there’s enough space. Additional print outs and/or literature that is handed out during these courses must be paid separately.


More information

Please inform us beforehand if you have an injury or illness that may effect your training before the course starts.
We are not liable for any injury or illness that occurs during the training. Please, listen to your body and let yoga be an act of kindness. If you experience any pain or sickness at any time, stop and rest!
For trainings in India, we recommend that you obtain a comprehensive travel cancellation and medical insurance for the duration of your stay.
We do not accept any responsibility or liability for cancellations, delays, force majeure, accidents, or any other situations that are beyond our control. This applies as well to any personal injuries, illnesses, medical or physical conditions that may arise during the course of your training. Nothing has ever happened, but we need these standards anyway. Thank you for understanding.

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