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Upgrading Hours and Logbook


To maintain your diploma or certification in Virya yoga, you need to reach 40 updating hours during a 2-year period.

There are two different kinds of hours:
– Hours leading to the 500-hour certification
– Hours to keep your diploma/your certification valid (40 hours over a 2-year period).

The following gives you hours to maintain your diploma/certification:
– Virya Yoga courses (at least eight occasions) held by a certified Virya teacher
– Drop-in classes do not count
– Workshops with certified Virya yoga teachers
– All continuing education programs (they also provide hours for the 500-hour certification)
– Retreats held by certified Virya teachers (the number of hours spent on the yoga mat, unless otherwise noted)
– To make it even easier for you, you’re also able to get hours from observing at the 200-hrs courses. For dates, see the righthand column at our website and contact to make sure there’s space.
– Another option is to assist Virya yoga classes taught by certified Virya yoga teachers. (Maximum 5 classes per year.) 

Note: Maintaining your diploma/certificate should not be a financial issue, so if you can’t afford courses etc, it is sometimes possible to attend classes free of charge as an observer (and sometimes, as an assistant). Please check with the teacher to ensure there is room for you before attending. You may as well repeat parts of the level 1 course for free. (See above.) 

After completion of the 200 hour course, Jennie will send you a template for a logbook, in which you’ll fill in your updating hours. It’s your responsibility to keep track of your hours, but you’ll get a reminder from Jennie in April each year and it has to be sent to us by May 31:st. 

Please contact Jennie if you have further questions or concerns or if you need the template for the logbook: