”The first question that we can ask ourselves is:
Do they exist?
Having said that… does it really MATTER if they exist or not?
What we could instead can ask ourselves is how can the picture and the symbols and the ideas of the chakras inform us and give us new perspectives about ourselves, our thoughts and our habits?”

In this video, Josephine gives you a very clear and open overview of the chakras; useful both for yoga practitioners and for teachers who want to spark their inspiration for class themes.

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Här får du idéer och tips om biomekanik, filosofi och yogans historia.


Januari 2021
21 januari: Årsutbildning 200h och Basutbildning 100h startar, Stockholm/online

26 januari: Oslo Yogafestival, föreläsning med Josephine “Yoga som självreglering” via zoom

29 januari: Oslo Yogafestival, yogaklass med Josephine via zoom

Februari 2021
3 februari: Fortsättningsutbildning 100h första träffen, Stockholm/online