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Certificates and Yoga Alliance

Diploma and Certificate

The Nordic Yoga Institute is a Registered Yoga Schools (RYS) with the Yoga Alliance. In order to maintain Yoga Alliance’s criteria, and to maintain a high standard for those who teach Virya Yoga, we have a certification procedure which consists of the steps below.

Step 1) 200 Diplomerad (200 Approved)

Step 2) 200 Certifierad (200 Certified)

Step 3) 500 Certifierad (500 Certified)


Virya Rehab

Step 1) 300 Diplomerad Rehab (300 Approved Rehab)

Step 2) 300 Certifierad Rehab (300 Certified Rehab)

Step 3) 500 Certifierad Rehab (500 Certified Rehab)



A minimum of 90% attendance of the scheduled time is required to get your diploma.

If you would miss part of the training due to illness, you can either join another group or go over it with your mentor. This has to be done within three years from the start date of your course and within this time, you are welcome to join upcoming teacher trainings to repeat what you have missed, or simply, to get to know a new group of yoga teachers!
This is free of charge in Stockholm, Malmö and Oslo. If you´d like to repeat/complete any session in India or Spain: please contact Marianne and she will calculate the extra cost.


Updating hours/logbook

We see learning as an ongoing process, and, we, as teachers at NYI, hold sessions where you can learn new things several times a year. Whether you passed stage one, two or three in the training program, we encourage you to stay current. This means that, in order to keep your diploma or certification, you are encouraged to attend workshops, courses, retreats and continuing education programs held by certified Virya Yoga teachers, equivalent to 40 hours over two years. We will work with you if you are unable to afford training, or if other circumstances arise. For example, if you have financial difficulties, you can sit in and take notes during workshops, etc. which will count towards your hours.
Jennie will send you a  reminder and more information in April each year.


Yoga Alliance

If you wish to register with The Yoga Alliance, you are able to do this directly on their website.
They will ask you to attach a PDF of your diploma – but a picture taken by your phone will do fine too. If you need help, please contact Jennie

Please note the following:

– School: The Nordic Yoga Insitute
– Yoga Style: Virya Yoga
– Date of Registration: Only use their ready-made calendar if your browser is set to English. To avoid any hassle, you can fill the date in directly in the date field, using the following format: MM / DD / YY Example: if it says July 12, 2016 on your diploma, write: 07/12/16
– If your payment is not going through, it may be due to your bank placing a region lock on your credit card (the Yoga Alliance registered in the U.S.). This can easily get solved: just call your bank or login to your bank account and change the settings.



yacep-logoNordiska Yogainstitutet is YACEP: Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider.

It means that if you are registered with Yoga Alliance – no matter which yoga style or school you have registered with – some of the hours from our courses can be used as continuing hours:

Continuing Education (CE) Requirements Every three years:
Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT®s) must complete 30 hours of continuing education, 10 of which need to be Contact Hours in the presence of a qualified CE provider. More details >>>

The courses and workshops that are registered as YACEP courses all have the logo (se above) in the course descriptions.

So keep in mind that there are two different sorts of renewals: one for the Nordic Yoga Institute, and one for Yoga Alliance. Please contact Jennie if you have any questions regarding this.