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The yoga school

The Nordic Yoga Institute (Nordiska Yogainstitutet) was founded by the Swedish yoga teacher Josephine Selander (full bio here), and has its home in Sweden. As well as offering a wide range of workshops and retreats in India, Spain, Sweden and Norway, we also train students to become yoga teachers.
We are a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School (RYS) for 200 hour and 300 hour standard programs, for a RYT 500 registration. The lengths of our 200 hour courses vary between one-month intensives and up to one year programs. Further course information here

We believe that yoga is a powerful tool to empower people to tap into a deep well of inner resources that we all possess, but can easily ignore or forget… Our philosophy is that a yoga teacher, who teaches from the heart, with a non-dogmatic attitude, will inspire students to follow their own rich and fulfilling yogic journey within.
The extensive range of knowledge you gain on our teacher training courses will allow you to teach with love, inspiration and ease. For this reason, our yoga teacher training team continues to study as the years go by, in order to maintain an open-minded attitude and keep our courses up-to-date.

You do not need to be a super skillful yogi in order to start any of our courses, but you do need at least one year of yoga practice before you begin. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this.

We believe in giving as much information as possible during the training, however, we realize that this can sometimes feel overwhelming, and for this reason we are happy to offer you the opportunity to redo or repeat the whole course, or parts of it, without any extra cost, within a three year time span.

The company is jointly owned by Josephine, Marianne Sundell (yoga teacher) and Robin Tåg (physio therapist and yoga teacher). They are also responsible for the overall administration of the courses in Sweden, India and Spain. Britt Fjellstad (yoga teacher) runs the administration in Norway and deals with enquiries about the rehab yoga program. Together, they work on the creation and administration of new and existing yoga programs, constantly striving to improve the courses and meet students’ needs. Their objective is, as best as they can, to follow the inspirational words of Swami Sivandanda:

“Love all, serve all”